The Rialto Bridge spans well known sites found in New York and Italy The Golden Lion, the OSIA symbol The Golden Lion, the OSIA symbol The Statue of Liberty, New York The Rialto Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge, Venice Gazeebo, Morgan Park, Glen Cove Loggia 1016 headquarters Municipio, Sturno, Avelino Roman Forum Venice Ellis Island, gateway to America The Chrystler Building, New York The Empire State Building, New York Morgan Park, Glen Cove Morgan Park, Glen Cove Italian Olive Tree The New York City skyline Loggia Glen Cove # 1016
The Supreme Lodge
The OSIA National Office located in Washington, DC, oversees over 700 state, regional, and local chapters in the U.S. and Canada.

The charitable arm of OSIA is the Sons of Italy Foundation and the Commission for Social Justice fights the stereotyping of Italian Americans by the U.S. entertainment, advertising, and media industries. The CSJ also promotes the achievements and contributions of Italian Americans to the U.S. through research and public education programs.

The symbol of the order is the golden lion and the organization's principles are embodied in the slogan: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." The official quarterly publication of OSIA is "Italian America." The fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage is the Order Sons of Italy of Canada.

The New York Grand Lodge
The Grand Lodge of New York is located at 2101 Bellmore Avenue in Bellmore, NY 11710. The New York State Grand Lodge oversees eight districts and 98 local lodges.

Information about the current activities of the Grand Lodge can be found in their monthly publication, the "Golden Lion." There are 20 Grand Lodges in the United States and Canada.

The CUNY based John D. Calandra Italian American Institute serves as a clearing house for information on the Italian-American experience, cultural programs, and educational activities in our area. This rich site maintains lists of coming events that are of interest to Italian-Americans.

Comune di Sturno is the home town of the founders of Loggia Glen Cove and many of our current lodge members have have family and friends living in the Sturno area. The ties between the City of Glen Cove and comune di Sturno are so close that the two cities are called "sister cities."

The Church of Saint Rocco is Long Island's only recognized Italian parish and as such, the church can administer to all parishioners of Italian decent within the diocese. The beautiful church building was patterned after the original church located in Sturno, Italy.
John D. Calandra Italian American Institute

The Sturno Coat of Arms, Glen Cove's sister city
Church of Saint Rocco, Long Island Italian Church